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At BakerLaw we understand that if you have been caught speeding it can be a worrying time. You may not be aware of how to complete the Court documents, how to represent yourself in Court and have concerns dealing with matters on your own without understanding the impact.

We are able to help with completing the necessary Court documents and advising if you have grounds to defend or if you can claim special circumstances to reduce the impact. We can represent you at any hearings you may have to attend.

Speeding offences can be dealt with in the following ways:-

(i) You may be invited to attend a speed awareness course.

(ii) You may receive a fixed penalty of at least 3 points and a minimum £60 fine.

(iii) If your offence does not fall within the above, the case will be referred to Court where the penalties can range penalty points, fines and even disqualification.

If you are concerned, do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide initial advice on how best to deal with your case.

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