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Amy Nelson

When do you need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

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Not when you think you do. By the time people think about it, it is often too late. Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) are often only associated with the elderly, but mental and physical incapacity can happen at any time. Whether through illness or accident,...

Business owners - who will run your business if you can't?

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If you are a business owner; do you know what would happen if you were physically or mentally incapable of running your business? Who would take over and step into your shoes? Many people create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) for their personal property...

Why should you use a solicitor for probate?

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Choosing lawyers to handle the often complex probate process ensures a high level of service and expertise, plus it guarantees client protection. The probate process always involves numbers and often involves tax. Lawyers are conversant in...

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

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Sadly, it's a stark reality that financial abuse of the elderly is becoming more and more prevalent. Recent data revealed that those aged over 65 are those most at risk from being targeted. When an Attorney starts to act on behalf of the Donor (the...

Attorney Support Newsletter - Winter Edition 2018-19

  • Posted

The latest edition of our Attorney Support Services newsletter is out now and the focus is on financial matters. The newsletter includes an article on financial abuse and what to look out for when protecting our loved ones. It also includes details of a...

Attorney Support Newsletter - Autumn Edition

  • Posted

The latest edition of our Attorney Support Services newsletter is out now. The focus is on Health & Welfare. It covers information on when an attorney can act under a Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney and what types of decisions they can...

LPA Refund Success!

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Following the Government’s announcement that it is possible to claim a refund on the registration fee for Powers of Attorney registered in England and Wales between 2013 and 2017, we wrote to all our clients to make them aware of the refund and...

BakerLaw presents Power of Attorney Information Session

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BakerLaw were invited by local business, Berkeley Home Health, to present a Power of Attorney information session to their care managers at their Abbey Business Park office in Farnham. Berkeley Home Health are a specialist provider of home care services...