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Danielle Collett-Bruce

Corporate Transaction Series (5/5): Post-Completion

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Completion will be a significant milestone in any transaction, however it is important to bear in mind that there will still be much to do in order to best ensure that the deal will be a success. Arguably, much of the hard work will have been done, however...

Corporate Transaction Series (4/5): Disclosure

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Having considered warranties in the context of the share purchase agreement (SPA), we now look at how the disclosure process naturally follows on from this and the necessity of considering the two together. What is the disclosure process?...

Where does the liability fall with KFC's chicken shortage?

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If you’ve been keeping up with the news this week, it will have been difficult to miss the furore which has ensued following the closing of hundreds of KFC restaurants up and down the country. The cause of this – reportedly costing the chain...

Changes to Data Protection law in the UK: The GDPR

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Data protection is an issue that is making ever-more frequent appearances in news headlines, and with the implementation of a new EU-wide framework for data protection law in 2018, this should not be expected to change any time soon. What is...

Corporate Transaction Series (3/5): The Share Purchase Agreement

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In our third instalment of our corporate transaction series, we consider the significance of the share purchase agreement within the context of the transaction. What is a share purchase agreement? A share purchase agreement...

Corporate Transaction Series (2/5): Due Diligence

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In our second instalment of our corporate transaction series, we look at the vital role that the due diligence process plays in making a success of any transaction. Having made the decision to acquire a business, the buyer will want to maximise the...

Corporate Transaction Series (1/5): Non-Disclosure Agreements

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Over the coming weeks, our corporate transaction series will follow the key stages of a hypothetical share acquisition. We hope that this will provide some food for thought and highlight some key issues to be considered by anyone considering acquiring or...

Exclusion Clauses in Commercial Contracts: The Reasonableness Requirement

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A recent case demonstrates the approach of the Courts in assessing the validity of exclusion clauses in commercial contracts… What is an exclusion clause? Exclusion clauses are contractual terms which attempt to limit...

Dotting the I's and crossing the T's: Terms and Conditions

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Inevitably, businesses will have different priorities from one another in terms of income generation and business development. These range from product and brand development to increasing market share and/or revenue or growing client lists. Whilst the...