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Is it really business as usual for the Family Courts?

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As the UK enters week 5 of a nationwide lockdown due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it is crystal clear that this disease has and will continue to affect everyone; not only from a health perspective but also having a profound impact on the viability of...

Staying Home isn't always Staying Safe

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‘Stay Home Stay Safe’- this tag line is being heavily promoted by the government as they seek to protect the safety of its citizens as well as the functionality of the NHS. There is no doubt that this concept has far reaching implications for...

Stay Home, Stay Safe - when your children have two homes

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The world is currently facing an extremely uncertain time as people all over the globe grapple with the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus. It is no secret that this virus has affected everyone, in every way, as they go through the motions of their day to...

What's mine is yours: Explaining financial settlements upon divorce.

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Making the decision to get divorced is never easy. Anxieties can be exacerbated by misinformation being passed down by friends and family that, in an effort to help, only serve to worry. Myths surrounding financial matters pose one of the main areas of...

Is divorce really only a click away?

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The UK government intend to implement a number of changes within the Divorce system. These include making amendment to the archaic fault based divorce system as well as using technological advances to improve the efficiency of the system and ultimately bring...

Did your Valentines Day 'sparkle' this year?

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For some, champagne indulgences and red rose bouquets will be enough, but for the lucky few, Valentines Day provides the ultimate stage for a romantic proposal. If you were lucky enough to get a bit of sparkle this Valentines Day, we...