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Emily Farrow

Silver Splitters- how divorce is unique for the over 65s

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Divorce rates in the UK hit a 45 year low in 2018. This massive reduction was not due to the prevailing health of relationships but rather, can be attributed to the decrease in couples actually choosing to get married. As the number of applications has...

Is divorce really only a click away?

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The UK government intend to implement a number of changes within the Divorce system. These include making amendment to the archaic fault based divorce system as well as using technological advances to improve the efficiency of the system and ultimately bring...

Did your Valentines Day 'sparkle' this year?

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For some, champagne indulgences and red rose bouquets will be enough, but for the lucky few, Valentines Day provides the ultimate stage for a romantic proposal. If you were lucky enough to get a bit of sparkle this Valentines Day, we...