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Helen Clements

Employment legislation rules the roost - directors liable for exploiting chicken catchers

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The directors of DJ Houghton Catching Services Limited were found liable for exploiting their chicken catcher employees and subjecting them to intolerable living conditions. Directors owe various duties to their company, as well as its shareholders,...

What to expect when you're expecting

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Being pregnant is an exciting and memorable time in a woman’s life, but it can also result in additional stress as some expectant mothers juggle work with nausea, discomfort, pain, antenatal appointments, financial concerns and job security worries. ...

What must a claimant do to prove they are disabled?

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Mrs Nissa was employed by Waverly Education Foundation Limited and worked at a School as a Science Teacher. She was employed from September 2013 until her employment ended on 31 st August 2016 by reason of her resignation. She brought claims of disability...