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Civil partnership granted to heterosexual couple

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Are we about to see a change in the law after Supreme Court ruling granted Rebecca Steinfeld (37) and Charles Keidan (41) the right to have a civil partnership? The Civil Partnership Act 2004 was introduced to grant same-sex couples the same legal rights as...

Will Mrs Owens be forced to remain in an unhappy marriage?

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Renewed pressure has been put on the legal system to reform family law and introduce a “no-fault” based divorce system. The Hearing for high profile divorce case Owens v Owens was heard before the Supreme Court on 17 th May 2018. Mr and Mrs...

Will no-fault divorce ever be a reality?

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In its recent annual conference, national Family Law body Resolution again campaigned for the introduction of a no-fault divorce. As it stands, couples can only get divorced if they blame one party for the breakdown of the marriage. The only grounds where...

More rights for cohabitants?

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The recent case of Thompson v Raggett has seen the High Court rule in favour of cohabitant Joan Thompson, awarding her reasonable provision from her late partner’s estate. The facts Ms Thompson, aged 79, had been in a...

Judge moves to end "meal ticket" divorce rulings

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In a landmark judgement, the Court of Appeal has ruled that divorcee Kim Waggott will only be entitled to three years spousal maintenance from her ex-husband multimillionaire William Waggott, overturning the original judgement that saw Mrs Waggott receiving...