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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving

In order to establish a charge of dangerous driving, the prosecution must prove that the driving standard fell far below the standard expected of a competent driver. 

This offence is referred to as an ‘either way’ motoring offence, which means it can be heard in the Magistrates or Crown Court.  If the case is heard in the Magistrates Court the sentencing powers are more limited with a maximum of 6 months imprisonment.  However, if the case is heard in the Crown Court they can sentence you to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment.

We understand that if you have been charged with dangerous driving, this will be a daunting and frightening time.  Our team of lawyers are able to talk through your case and advise on options that are available to you with sensitivity. You can rest assured that our team has a proven track record in minimising the outcome.

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