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Complaints About Builders

Complaints About Builders

Having building work carried out however small or large the project is, can cause disruption to your life and can be stressful. If your building project has not progressed as it should and you have been left with unfinished work, it is crucial that you obtain evidence regarding the standard of work before commencing any remedial work. This evidence may be in the form of photographs, quotes detailing the cost of rectification or a surveyor inspecting the work carried out and providing a detailed report.

We aim to assist with reducing the stress you experience from the defective work that has been carried out. We will review your case and advise upon the merits of success and the best course of action for your particular case, whether this is a round table meeting, mediation, site meeting with all parties present or litigation.

It is essential to seek legal advice as early as possible as this could avoid a protracted and expensive case.

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Limited Discretion to Depart from Part 36 costs convention

Michelle Ogunlaja
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Recently in the case of Tuson v Murphy, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the High Court which had ordered that the Claimant should pay legal costs going back a previous year and a half, to when she purportedly began to mislead the Defendant...