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Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes

Whether you find yourself involved in a boundary dispute or an issue in respect of an individual trespassing on your land at BakerLaw we are able to assist.

Boundary disputes and matters relating to trespass can be complex and evoke a lot of emotion in all parties. We aim to alleviate any stress you have encountered and assist in resolving your dispute.

We will examine a number of documents in order to determine the exact location of the boundaries of your property. We will look at the plans of your property, title deeds, land registry documents, aerial photographs and instruct a surveyor to survey the land if this becomes necessary. We will work in conjunction with a surveyor to determine the exact position of the boundary and aim to resolve your dispute with negotiation. However, if this is not possible we will commence Court proceedings.

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Please contact us on 01252 733 770 (Farnham) or 020 7842 0800 (London) to discuss any issue relating to boundary disputes or trespass as disputes involving two neighbours can become protracted and emotional. Obtaining legal advice early may avoid a long and expensive dispute.

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