Our Team

Nancy Wilson

Head of Commercial Property

Nancy Wilson

Head of Commercial Property

My Areas of Work

  • Advising landowners on selling for development
  • Buying and selling commercial properties
  • Buying and selling agricultural and woodland property
  • Commercial lease negotiation and management for both landlord and tenant
  • Fishing and shooting rights
  • Grazing rights for livestock and horse
  • Lease matters such as surrender, assignment and sub-lettings
  • Refinancing and borrowing
  • Wayleave and easement agreements
  • Unregistered titles
  • Overage agreements

My Experience

I advise individuals and businesses spanning the office, residential, retail and industrial sectors on a range of issues including the acquisition and disposal of investment properties and negotiating commercial leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

I have an interest in matters affecting agricultural and rural properties and I am familiar with dealing with trustee requirements and Charity Act compliance within a non-contentious commercial property setting.

Before training as a solicitor with a Top 50 firm in London and qualifying in 2015, I worked in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

What Clients Say About Me

“We thank you so much for all your help this year. We couldn’t have done it without your expertise and great humour”

"I really feel you are on our side which makes a great difference particularly when dealing with such difficult and important documents and this move meaning so much to us!"

My Interests and Hobbies

I am fluent in French and am fascinated with linguistics, particularly the history and cultural evolution of languages. When I am not perfecting my return-of-serve, I enjoy taking my motorbike for a spin.