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Pammi Babbra

Consultant Solicitor

Pammi Babbra

Consultant Solicitor

I am a Consultant Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Department. I am based in the London office.

My areas of work

I specialise in contentious matters, pursuing or defending a wide range of domestic commercial claims with a particular specialism in cross-border High Court matters involving other European jurisdictions. Such matters include complex contract disputes, distribution and agency agreements, partnership and shareholder disputes, negligence, breaches of fiduciary duty, commercial fraud involving allegations of conspiracy, misconduct, deceit, which may include issuing or defending applications for freezing injunctions, acting in committal proceedings, issuing or defending claims or enforcement proceedings in foreign courts.

On the advisory side, I help protect my clients by assisting with contractual matters, asset management and preservation.

In particular, my expertise focuses on:

  • Commercial litigation,
  • Commercial fraud,
  • Professional liability,
  • Regulatory investigations,
  • Misrepresentation,
  • Committal proceedings,
  • Cross-border disputes,
  • Foreign enforcement, and
  • Transportation, agency and distribution disputes.

I am an active member in a number of law firm alliances around the world, the London Fraud Forum and enjoy providing an education at seminars and events.

Notable cases:

  • Gill & Others v Darroch & Others [2010] EWHC 2347 (Ch) - Where the High Court considered the effect of the service of a penal notice in an Order for a worldwide freezing injunction.