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The relationship between employer and employee is strictly regulated. There are rights and duties on both sides.

Our Farnham employment law solicitors are highly skilled and commercially aware - they work with local businesses and individuals every day across a range of areas. We are an energetic and results-driven team, advising employers and employees in a way that is clear, concise and completely jargon-free.

Our expertise ranges from advising on straightforward contractual matters where there is no dispute to providing effective representation at acrimonious Employment Tribunal hearings. We work closely with military personnel in the area and advise those working in the military and for the Ministry of Defence on their rights under employment law, including their rights when employed overseas.

Advice At The End Of Your Employment: Compromise Agreements Lawyers In Hampshire

Employment comes to an end for a variety of reasons. Whether you leave as a result of a dispute or you have simply decided it's time to move on, the employment team at BakerLaw Solicitors can advise you on your departure. Not only do we ensure that you receive whatever financial reward you are entitled to, but we also attend to all matters that may affect your future employment prospects. Our work covers the following:

Employment Law Advice During Your Employment

Sometimes significant issues arise during your employment. Our legal advice is aimed at helping you protect your position. We can help with the following matters:

If the organisation you work for is sold or ownership is transferred, we can ensure that the correct TUPE procedures are followed and your position is protected.

Employment Mediation

While the employer-employee relationship may sometimes have deteriorated so badly that any amicable resolution is unlikely, sometimes mediation can still provide a less stressful way of concluding a dispute. If you are interested in a negotiated settlement, we can ensure that any agreement is legally enforceable and safeguards your position.

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