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BakerLaw Director completes channel-crossing swim relay in aid of Aspire

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On 28th June 2013, BakerLaw Managing Director Julian Oldfield took to the cold waters of the English Channel as part of a six-person relay team in an attempt to swim to Cap Gris Nez on the north-coast of France all in the name of charity.

The team, made up of two men and four women, began their journey at 02:46am in darkness and with just a small green light from the support boat to guide the way.

Each team member swam for one hour at a time on a rotational basis and faced jellyfish, low water temperatures and fatigue however it seems the conditions on-board the support boat were not much more comfortable with several swimmers complaining of sea-sickness.

Despite all the challenges, the team completed their epic feat in less than 14 hours, which was the fastest time this year, arriving in the mid-afternoon for a well-earned rest.

Oldfield, who is also a coach at Kingston Royals Swimming Club said; "It was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was such a good cause and lifelong dream to swim the Channel, although it was that tough next time I think I'll use the ferry!"

Team fundraising from the event saw just under £17,000.00 being donated to the spinal injuries charity Aspire which supports people with spinal cord injuries in the UK. On average three people every day suffer a serious life changing spinal injury.

BakerLaw would like to congratulate all of those who took part in this amazing feat and to thank all of those who donated to this great cause.