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Many individuals spend more time at work that anywhere else. A dispute at work or uncertainty over your rights or entitlements can therefore place you under a great deal of strain.

Our experienced and understanding lawyers will provide the support you require and work their hardest to achieve the most favourable outcome in the shortest possible time. We have an enviable record of securing considerable settlement payment and compensation. We can offer a variety of funding options, including fixed-fees and no-win, no-fee type agreements. We can also often act under the terms of a legal expenses insurance policy, meaning our fees are covered. Our expertise includes the following areas:

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Should I add a codicil to my Will or make a new Will?

Hannah McGavin
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Over time, you may need to make changes to your Will. You have the option of adding a codicil or making a new Will. It is recommended that you review your Will at least once every five years as well as in the light of any major life events, such as buying a...

How will Brexit affect employment laws?

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After the long-awaited separation of the UK from the European Union, you may be left wondering how employment laws could change and the affect it could have on managing your employees . From 31 December 2020, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) can no...