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BakerLaw LLP supports orphanage in Tanzania

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Earlier this year BakerLaw LLP helped fundraise for Karibu Nyumbani, an orphanage in Tanzania. Karibu Nyumbani is run more like a big family, rather than a “typical“ orphanage, the schedule is not dictated by the clock but rather by the children, aunties, and ‘mamas’ living here.

Karibu Nyumbani currently has 17 children and donations provided go towards their day to day living as well as larger projects such as building a school at the orphanage, creating a fish pond so they can have fish to eat, and their ongoing chicken project. The orphanage keeps a number of animals to assist them in being self-sufficient and also to generate an income from any produce that can be sold.

The funds raised by BakerLaw LLP were donated to the orphanage by Hilary Gray, a family member to BakerLaw’s Trainee Solictor, Samuel Gray. Hilary spent three weeks with the children at the orphanage and she and the children have expressed their thanks and gratitude to BakerLaw LLP.