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BakerLaw v North East Hampshire Police Force

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"Keep calm and carry on" resonates within this summary today. I am awfully impressed by the BakerLaw and North-East Hampshire Police (NEHP) teams last night, as despite the difficult and unprecedented times we find ourselves in, the players turned up with a smile on their face and admirable spirit to press on and play regardless.

And so the match began. NEHP played as a single unit with an unselfish style of play that could be expected only from a group of people that put their lives on the line to keep us safe everyday. This lead to some fantastic team goals, with visioned passing comparable to Kevin De Bruyne. Their goals began to flow. 

Our own Kevin Duffy put in a top performance in goal, making some great saves and sending our offence forward with great vision. Lydia Duffy (definitely not our ringer) really showed her fierce prowess as a winger and scored 2 sleek goals by running up the left-wing, cutting in and shooting at the far post. I am reminded of a once great Arsenal winger by the name of Alexis Sanchez who would often score goals of a similar nature...

One goal came courtesy of myself, but the best goal came from Tracey. And ON HER DEBUT no less. Running down the wing, she suddenly cut inside. The angle got tighter and the goal seemed less and less likely. Tracey looked up and for a brief moment, it was still. Terry (Tracey's husband) was in goal. It was wife vs husband; family vs family; lawyer vs police officer. But in that moment, all that mattered was that it was player vs goalie. Tracey stooped, and took the unlikely front-post shot. Terry did his best at blocking but BOOM. It whizzed between his legs and into the goal. 

"She's done it on her debut!" we exclaimed, and cheers and claps resonated around the pitch from teams. 

Special mention also goes to Hannah, who played for NEHP as they needed an extra and she still succeeded in playing for the badge. She focused in on BakerLaw's goalie, and with a quick kick managed to score her first goal at the near post - much to Kevin Duffy's dismay. 

Further match highlights included:

- Jenn's excellent display down the wing, completing several take-ons;

- Tracey doing the same and also putting a good defensive shift in;

- Matthew’s fluid footwork and goals for NEHP; and

- Terry's selfless passes to set his teammates up for goals.

The game ended at 4-20 to NEHP who played brilliantly throughout. It was an enjoyable game to play, and we thank the NEHP for taking the time out of their day to come to Farnham and play us. 

My personal choice for the BakerLaw Player of the Match goes to Lydia Duffy (although Tracey gave her a run for it!). It was a hugely commendable effort by all players, especially given the uncertain times we are currently experiencing. Thank you all!