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BakerLaw v Roffe Swayne - Football Match Summary

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We came, we saw - but Roffe Swayne conquered. 

Off we went, with hearts full of dreams and minds filled with what could be, if we only managed to win our first away game. 

Unfortunately, this was short lived as Roffe Swayne hammered 4 goals past us within the first 10 minutes of the match. As an Arsenal fan, this feeling is all too familiar to me.

Whilst some of us felt dejected, Scott Johnson came through with a blinding double nutmeg goal to put us back on track and a renewed vigour swept through the BakerLaw camp. Onwards we pushed (despite conceding two more), as smiles began to appear on the faces of the BakerLaw players. Whilst Scott did not manage to get back on the scoresheet, some of his excellent skills were on display as he twisted and weaved between the brick wall defence that was Roffe Swayne. Andrew Peters had some world-class shots, managed his first hat-trick for BakerLaw and - following my own goalie blunders - managed to net 2 goals. 

The only problem was that whilst we did score an impressive 6 goals, the very on form opposition managed 17.  

Nonetheless, we are not deterred. Before the night had ended, there were cries for a rematch and a second chance to test ourselves against a very tough opponent.

Further match highlights include:

- Two absolutely heinous blunders in goal by myself that led to 2 goals (there were remarks that it was likened to Ederson's unfortunate display at the weekend against Man Utd)

- a hat-trick and once again excellent display in goal by our own head of Employment and Partner Andrew Peters

- Kevin Duffy's continued defensive mastery (which prevented the score from becoming even more "cricket-like")

- Gemma's fantastic string of saves during her brief stint as goalie

- And of course, Roffe Swayne, who played as a single and formidable unit both defensively and offensively

We all had a lot of fun and thank Roffe Swayne for inviting us to play, as well as hosting us for after-match drinks.

My personal BakerLaw Player of the Match goes to Andrew Peters for his hat-trick and solid effort in goal. A further special mention goes to Harriet who has gotten better and better with each match. Well done all, that was a thoroughly enjoyable match to play and everyone showed great spirit!