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So there we all were. It was a cold winter night. The rain and wind were beating down on us, but we were undeterred. A feeling of determination began to sweep between the players. We could do this.

The game started quickly with a goal from Fish Financial but BakerLaw responded quickly with a goal of their own. There was a brief break in the tension as Mark from Fish exclaimed that BakerLaw was not complying with the rules of staying out of the box. “Aren’t you all supposed to be lawyers?! Follow the rules!”

The game moved on with Fish quickly taking the lead with 2 more. Times looked tough for the BakerLaw team, and we started to wonder if hope was lost. But that feeling was dismissed with another goal from BakerLaw, bringing the score to 3-2. With a loud verse of “We Conquered all of Europe” sung by the only Northerner (Kevin C), the BakerLaw team rallied once more and pressed on with vehement determination.

Unfortunately, this was short lived and the team at Fish managed to put a few more past us. BakerLaw did respond with 2 more but the score line ended at either 4-6 or 5-7 (I wasn’t in charge of the scores).

Highlights of the game included:

  • Harriett nutmegging Tristan quite successfully;
  • Ian Colley being fouled outside the box and winning a free-kick whilst trying to take on 3 defenders;
  • Ian Colley being fouled by Tristan as he spectacularly mistimed yet another tackle (and injured himself more in the process);
  • Lydia scoring a brilliant curling goal after making her way past 2 Fish Financial players;
  • Gemma responding to calls to “PASS” with a hearty “ALRIGHT” which broke the competitive atmosphere briefly; and
  • Andrew being fantastic in goal, saving us from a far more damning defeat.

Special mentions go to all that came to play regardless of skill level. Further special mentions go to the Fish Financial team that played a team of 6 against a team of 8 for the entire match – and won anyway.