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Where to begin….the events of last night took so many twists and turns that not even the players could follow the score line

To begin with, our brave players rocked up with the intention of fighting back and reconciling the loss suffered a few weeks ago. Some say attention was on the Chelsea v Bayern Munich game that evening, but we knew that eyes were really on the great BakerLaw v Fish Financial rematch.

The game started with a quick goal by Fish and followed by an absolutely fantastic strike by me. However, the strike was at my own goal and it whipped past our brilliant keeper, Harriet, to make the score line 2-0 to Fish. Fish scored another and a feeling of dejection came down once again amongst the BakerLaw team.

Not to be beaten down, our own Scott Johnson, playing as keeper at the time, took a well-aimed looping goal kick that landed straight into the Fish goal. Only seconds before, Ian Colley, acting as Fish’s goalkeeper, had shouted a hearty “come on lads, you’re slowing down” before this goal to goal strike zoomed past him and brought the score line to 3-1. Fish then scored a further 2 goals and the match began to run away from BakerLaw.

On came Ed Duffy who quickly danced around the Fish defence and netted a fantastic knuckleball. There were accusations from Fish that "oh…the ringer has arrived" which was a shocking accusation as I’m almost certain that I’ve seen young Ed Duffy working in the Conveyancing department….

In a sporting gesture, Fish swapped Gemma for Ian. Admiration must be given for both of them as despite switching sides, they continued to play their hearts out for their new badges. The game ended 8 - 8, with highlights including:

  • A fantastic nutmeg by Hannah on one of the Fish players
  • A goal by me (this is a highlight which gets a second mention as I truly am terrible at football)
  • Some excellent long-range strikes from the Fish players

Once again, it was a great game and we look forward to the next one. Well played by all and also, top-marks go to Fish for their sporting attitude as I do think there may have been a couple of times in the game when the player numbers went slightly in BakerLaw’s favour despite it being a rolling-subs game.

My personal man of the match goes to Scott Johnson, who not only scored plenty of goals but also put in an excellent shift as goalie - including the astonishing goal kick that got BakerLaw back on the score sheet.