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Barbara Windsor - Living with Alzheimer's

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Being of a generation who have fond memories of watching various films featuring Barbara Windsor, I am saddened by the  news that Barbara has been living with Alzheimer’s disease and my thoughts are with Barbara and her family whilst they continue through their journey.

Whilst none of us know what life has in store for us, it is important that we have safeguards in place to ensure  that people whom we trust are able to make decisions and manage both our financial affairs and  make important health and welfare decisions if we are unable to do so in the future.    

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)  are documents which can only be made whilst you have mental capacity,  in which you appoint people  (known as attorneys)  to make decisions on your behalf in case of an accident or illness.   It is extremely important that careful consideration is given to who you appoint as your attorneys.   You can appoint more than one person as your attorney, so that the responsibility can be shared.    If possible you should have an open conversation with your proposed attorneys so that they understand your wishes and what their responsibilities will include. 

Your attorney may have to make difficult decisions about your health and welfare.  If you have specific wishes around your care plans, medical treatment or end of life wishes you should discuss these with your attorneys and make your choices very clear in your LPA.

As with a Will, it is important to make sure that your LPA is updated if your circumstances change.  Your choices around the people you want to be responsible for your finances and wellbeing may change, such as following a marriage or divorce, when children reach adulthood, or if parents pass away.

At BakerLaw, we understand the difficulties that are encountered understanding what you can and can’t do as an attorney and therefore we have launched our Attorney Support Service to help attorneys understand their role and responsibilities.  If you would like to know more, please contact the Private Client Department directly on 01252 907829 or email

Our team have a wealth of experience and include members of STEP ( and Solicitors for the Elderly ( This means you can have peace of mind that you are dealing with a highly experienced and qualified team who  specialise in all matters relating to Private Client, including Wills, Power of Attorneys, Attorney Support Services, Tax Planning, Administration of Estates and Court of Protection related matters.

BakerLaw are proud to be part of Farnham Dementia Action Alliance and our team have taken part in Dementia Friends training.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to become a Dementia Friend, please contact Debbie Duggan on 01252 907829.


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