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Divorce Day

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Today, the first working day after the Christmas and New Year holidays, is known as ‘Divorce Day’.  Today is the day the press say numerous spouses will be phoning a solicitor to get a divorce, after the holidays have taken their toll.

Whether BakerLaw will be inundated with calls from those seeking a divorce remains to be seen, but our experience is that the holidays generally do not cause people to suddenly decide to get a divorce.  Most of our clients have realised some time ago that their marriage is over, but either do not want to start a divorce before Christmas, or see the New Year as a time for change and a fresh start.

Whatever the reason for considering a divorce or separation, it is important to get legal advice at an early stage.  BakerLaw’s experienced divorce lawyers can advise you on your options and what implications there may be if you do proceed with a divorce.  As well as the actual divorce, you will also need to consider living arrangements for your children and financial arrangements, including what will happen to your house, savings, investments and pensions.  These are complex issues and although you may be tempted to try and deal with these matters yourselves, either to save money or in the belief that avoiding solicitors will keep matters more amicable, it is vital that you do obtain expert advice.  Without it, you could find yourself agreeing to a financial settlement that is unfair and does not adequately meet your future needs.  

Nikki Lynch, an experienced family solicitor at BakerLaw, is a member of Resolution, which means she is committed to assisting her client in obtaining a divorce in a non-confrontational and amicable way. Nikki comments:

“Many couples mistakenly believe that instructing a solicitor to represent them, will cause arguments and fighting between them and lead to lengthy court battles.  However, that is far from accurate.  I support my clients in attending mediation and work with them to try and reach an amicable settlement.  Generally, court proceedings are a last resort and are only used when one party is being uncooperative or the parties cannot agree on what would be a reasonable settlement.  Most of my client’s manage to reach a financial agreement very amicably and with me assisting them they can be sure that their interests are protected”

If you are contemplating separation or divorce, or wish to discuss any other family law matter, then please contact Nikki Lynch on 01252 733770 for an initial no obligation discussion.