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Financial settlements on divorce: Can you protect yourself?

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On the 18th August 2018 more couples got married in the UK than any other day this year. Some of these couples will have implemented a pre-nuptial agreement before they tied the knot to protect themselves financially in the event the marriage comes to a premature end. Contrastingly, some couples will wait until further down the line, perhaps when more significant assets have been acquired, to incorporate a post-nuptial agreement.

Pre and post-nuptial agreements seek to define the terms upon which a couple will part ways if their marriage is to break down. For instance, if one party to the marriage has a considerable asset or attains assets throughout the marriage they may wish to ring-fence these in the event of financial proceedings upon divorce.

These types of agreements provide an indication to the court of what the parties intentions were when entering the marriage. The court can choose to accept these terms in full or implement what they deem to be fair in the circumstances.

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