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Is divorce really only a click away?

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The UK government intend to implement a number of changes within the Divorce system. These include making amendment to the archaic fault based divorce system as well as using technological advances to improve the efficiency of the system and ultimately bring it into the 21st century.

As a part of this new ‘modernizing’ approach, the government has implemented a system of online divorce. This service is available to those couples whom agree on the reasons for divorce and on this basis neither party will contest proceedings.

This new, innovative system has been praised for its relative simplicity and ease, however, critics have deemed the new process as being flawed.

In essence, the major pros and cons of online divorce can be summarised as follows:-

In Favour

  1. Ease: Online divorce has been praised for its simplicity and accessibility.
  2. Costs: Although the £550 court fee still applies you will not have to incur solicitors fees to make an application.
  3. Updates: As this process is easily accessible, so to are updates as you receive these via email etc. rather then through the post. 


  1. Lack of Precision: Due to lack of expertise usually in drafting, court statistics show that four out of ten online applications are rejected. This draws out an already daunting and emotionally burdensome process.
  2. Financial Claims: There is a common misunderstanding that divorce will bring to an end any financial claims one party will have against the other. This is not the case. Most couples will need to instruct a family lawyer even after a divorce has been issued in order to finalise the finances of their marriage. This is one of the reasons why specialist legal advice Is important at the outset of divorce proceedings.
  3. Future Arrangements: Making an application for divorce does not help families make long term family arrangements and in particular does not help to mediate any disagreements in relation to child arrangements.
  4. Emotional Costs: Divorce can be emotionally charged and without the specialist support and advice of a family lawyer people can find the process to be even more overwhelming.

At BakerLaw we pride ourselves on providing clear and precise legal advice. Our Family Department aims to conclude matters in an amicable and cost-effective manner. 

It is always our assertion that knowledge is power so if you are considering divorce, please contact a member of our Family Department to book a half an hour, no obligation, free appointment today!