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LPA Refund Success!

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Following the Government’s announcement that it is possible to claim a refund on the registration fee for Powers of Attorney registered in England and Wales between 2013 and 2017, we wrote to all our clients to make them aware of the refund and explained how they could apply.

Many of our clients had no knowledge that they were entitled to a refund and were delighted to hear the news.

A number of our clients have made the refund application online and have already received their refunds giving us the following feedback:

“We have recently received our refunds from the Office of the Public Guardian. Many thanks for alerting us. Mr and Mrs M”

“Thank you for bringing to our attention the government’s partial application fee refund. We are now in receipt of this refund and we wish to pass our thanks to all involved in the team. Mr & Mrs M”

“Here is confirmation of the LPA refund from my Aunt's estate.  Many thanks for suggesting that I apply for it. Mrs K”

If you are an attorney  or are thinking about creating a Power of Attorney and would like to discuss how we may assist you or your family, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Private Client Department directly on 01252 907829 or email 



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