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Resolution's Good Divorce Week 2018

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Resolution is a body of family lawyers and other professionals who aim to provide a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family matters whilst also campaigning for improvements to the family justice system.

In a Resolution led campaign, ‘Good Divorce Week’ running from 26 through to 30 November 2018, Resolution seeks judicial reform in advocating for the implementation of a no-fault divorce.

Resolution also aims to highlight the ways parents can put their children needs first in order to minimise the impact that divorce may have.

Resolution members are committed to reducing conflict by agreeing to a non-confrontational way of working, an approach that is often made difficult whilst acting within the parameters of the present fault-based system. 90% of Resolution members feel that the present law makes it harder to reduce conflict between ex partners.

Reform would also improve the position of children caught up in the divorce process. 79% of the population agree that conflict from divorce or separation can affect negatively on children’s mental health, a figure rising to 87% among those who experienced their parents’ divorce as children. 

BakerLaw's Kathryn Moggs is an accredited Resolution Specialist and all members of the family team aim to uphold the values encompassed within their code of practice. 

For more information please contact either Kathryn Moggs or Wendy Armstrong in BakerLaw's Family Department. 



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