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Small businesses opting out of legal advice

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Small businesses opting out of legal advice.

The Legal Services Board has recently published research which found that only one in eight small businesses contact a solicitor to obtain legal advice. This can have serious consequences as in many situations a failure can lead to financial losses that could devastate a fledgling firm.

It is estimated that each dispute costs in the region of £1,200, which is substantial and a sum that many companies can not afford to lose. This does not include the time spent by the company in dealing with the issue, which can spiral out of control and take senior staff away from operations. The effect of failing to consult a lawyer is not restricted to a loss of income: it can cause additional costs or even a loss of a well-earned reputation.

Many businesses are consulting the internet rather than seeking the advice of a qualified professional. The research indicates companies visit the internet to resolve their queries every other time they encounter a problem. We are all aware the dangers which can be caused by self diagnosing a medical problem, so anyone responsible for a small business should consider obtaining advice from a professional when they encounter a legal problem in order to avoid further difficulties.

BakerLaw understand there is a common perception that the costs of seeking such legal advice could prove to be too expensive for a small business. That is why we offer a Bespoke Business Solution. We understand not one business has the same needs and by offering a flexible service our clients have the freedom to select what is right for their business requirements. We have developed strong relationships with our clients by understanding their wishes and ensuring that we work closely to enable our customers to make the right decisions.

Details of the packages we offer include: providing advice regarding contractual disputes, partnership agreements, debt recovery, drafting terms and conditions and employment contracts, review of your existing human resources policies and procedure and provide advice upon whether these documents require updating.

We aim to provide small businesses with transparent, fixed fees which we consider is critical in the current economic climate. With our modern approach to the law, we strive to apply strategic solutions to the business law issues. We believe that everyone should have access to justice, including our small businesses which will help strengthen our future economy.

If your business needs legal advice or if you are unsure and want to chat please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist lawyers on 01252 733770. BakerLaw provide a no-obligation initial meeting as a matter of service.

We know that local businesses operate in a challenging environment. For practical legal solutions for your business or start-up, contact one of our specialist solicitors online, call 01252 773770 or visit our website at