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Survey says - people prefer solicitors to write their wills

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Survey says - people prefer solicitors to prepare their wills

A recent survey by Will Aid has shown that in the last year 62% of people who made a Will used a firm of solicitors to do so. 

Debbie Duggan, Head of Private Client at BakerLaw, is heartened by this statistic which highlights that whilst the public have choice, they are recognising the benefit of seeking advice from a qualified, regulated lawyer when making important decisions affecting their families’ future. 

Debbie commented:

I sit with my clients and get a full understanding of both their family and estate which enables me to provide them with comprehensive legal advice as to their options as well as practical suggestions.  I ensure that they fully understand the legal implications of their decisions and that their wishes are reflected in their Will.   A Will is an important part of financial planning and I work closely with other advisors including Accountants and Financial Advisors where appropriate.”

The public’s perception can be that solicitors are expensive, however, this is not always the case and whilst cheaper alternatives, from sometimes unregulated, uninsured or unqualified sources can initially seem attractive, this can actually be money wasted in the long run rather than saved.  Not using solicitors can result in either a document not being properly written, legally binding or expensive difficulties encountered after death.”

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