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Will no-fault divorce ever be a reality?

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In its recent annual conference, national Family Law body Resolution again campaigned for the introduction of a no-fault divorce.

As it stands, couples can only get divorced if they blame one party for the breakdown of the marriage. The only grounds where divorce can be established without blame is after 2 years separation (if both parties consent) or after 5 years separation if they don’t.

This campaign comes less than a month before case Owens v Owens is heard at the Supreme Court. In Owens the Court of Appeal held that petitioner Tina Owens had not satisfied the criteria of “unreasonable behaviour” and was, therefore, not granted a Certificate of Entitlement to a divorce.  

Resolution’s national chair Margaret Heathcote has said:

It is ridiculous that, in the 21st century, Mrs Owens has had to go to the highest court in the land in order to try to get her divorce. Resolution will be at the Supreme Court next month as interveners, showing our support for Mrs Owens and countless others like her who are either trapped in a loveless marriage and unable to get on with their lives; or forced to assign blame in order to do so. It's outdated, it's unfair and it's time for things to change.”

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