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Will you get to see your children on Mother's Day?

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Some mothers are preparing to get pampered this Mother’s Day whilst for others the occasion only provides a reminder that they may not see their children on this special occasion. In contrast, parents may find that the occasion brings to the forefront existing worries one party has about the welfare of their children whilst in someone else’s care.

If you are concerned with any of the above then the first step is to obtain legal advice from a specialist family lawyer who will consider your personal circumstances and provide you with tailored advice to suit your particular situation.

A family lawyer for instance, may be able to amend your pattern of contact through negotiation or through mediation. A family specialist can discuss these options and help you to assess their appropriateness in relation to your particular circumstances.

A Family lawyer will also be able to set out the Court process in relation to making a Child Arrangement Application. A Child Arrangements Order for the children of the family will seek to set out the ongoing living situation and contact arrangements in relation to the same. Parental Responsibility is not exclusive to parents and it is possible for other individuals such as Grandparents or Step parents, etc, to apply for an Order to obtain Parental Responsibility in some circumstances.

A Child Arrangements Order can set out the way in which contact is to occur. In making such an Order the Court will always consider the welfare of any child as its paramount concern. If the safety or wellbeing of the child is being called into question the Court has the power to order contact to occur only on a supervised basis or indirectly via telephone or skype, for example.

It is important for parties to proceedings consider the best interests of the child when making an application for any Order as the welfare of the child will always be the paramount consideration of the Court.

If you would like any further information in relation to the current or future arrangements for your child then please contact one of our family lawyers today to book an initial half an hour free consultation.