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BakerLaw was fortunate enough to be joined by Georgie Barrow for work experience. She has reflected on her experience and learnings:

“My two weeks of work experience at BakerLaw has provided me with invaluable insight into different legal practice areas and the involvement that law firms can have within the local community; all of which aids my career-based decisions.

Highlights of my experience include sitting in on a client meeting, drafting a Will, constructing a chronology and brief for counsel on a family case, and beginning the due diligence process for a share transfer matter. These tasks introduced me to correct legal terminology used in correspondence and legal documents as well as the steps taken in dealing with cases within different practice areas. Having just completed the first year of my undergraduate Law degree, my knowledge of what is involved within each practice area is limited and so my time at BakerLaw has allowed me to gain a grasp of common issues and matters that they deal with, such as the difference between commercial and corporate law. This facilitates my decision as to what areas of law I may want to study as I progress throughout university and the area I may wish to qualify into.

In addition to the legal work, I was introduced to a law-firm environment and its business-side. I attended a community meeting about the expansion of the local area hosted by Farnham Chamber of Commerce which Amanda Glover is President of as well as being the Managing Partner of BakerLaw. She therefore represented the firm’s presence as part of the local community, reflecting their corporate-social responsibility. The following day I constructed an entry for the Farnham Chamber’s ‘News’ section on their website about the event.

The tasks I was given provided me with a sense of responsibility and independence, but simultaneously having support. After testing a share-price agreement task aimed at year 10 and 11 students, an area completely new to me, it was marked and I was given feedback as to how I had grasped the subject as well being told about the topic itself and having any of my questions answered. When asked to write a blog about injury to feelings awards in light of the case Base Childrenswear Ltd v Otshudi, I used the legal resource website, Practical Law to research this area as preparation. This required me to be adaptable in exercising and building on previous knowledge in order to complete new tasks.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BakerLaw – my two weeks were full of interesting and engaging activities that taught me new skills whilst introducing me to the fundamental practice areas of law. I very much look forward to utilising this new intelligence and hope to return to BakerLaw in the near future.”



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