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World Mental Health Day 2017

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Mental health issues can affect anyone, any day of the year, but today marks World Mental Health Day, a day to show your support for better mental health and start looking after your own wellbeing.”

 ACAS has estimated the cost of mental ill heath to employers is around £30 billion a year through lost production, recruitment and absences. Further, it is thought that one in six workers suffer from anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress each year. 49% of workers would not feel comfortable disclosing a mental health issue at work.

The above statistics show there is a great deal of work to be done to address mental health issues in the workplace and promote metal wellbeing to assist in removing the stigma which is holding many back. An employer who embraces and promotes mental wellbeing is likely to see the effort and time they put into their staff reflected in a more productive work force.

A more positive statistic, however following research carried out by mental health charity, MIND is that 56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but don’t feel they have the right training and guidance.

For employers, there are resources and assistance available online to facilitate workplace wellbeing and World Mental Health Day 2017 is the perfect opportunity to start. Below is just a few of many steps an employer could take to promote mental wellbeing:

  • Review the company’s mental health/ wellbeing policies. CIPD highlights four different approaches that could be taken by employers;
  • Introduce stress risk management procedures;
  • Open a channel of communication to discuss mental health issues and promote this throughout the business;
  • Create a culture of openness and support to remove any stigma;
  • Take advice and make use of resources from organisations such as MIND, CIPD and ACAS;
  • Hold workplace training sessions to ensure employees are aware of steps that they can take to look after their own wellbeing. Assistance for this and resources are readily available from MIND.

We regularly train employers on dealing with ill health in the workplace, from equipping managers with the tools to manage and have conversations to avoiding costly tribunal claims. Compensation for discrimination is uncapped. In addition, the reputational impact of discrimination can be far reaching.

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