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Danielle Dyer

How do you get your money once you have judgment?

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The overall objective of those who bring a money claim, is to recover their money from their opponent (the Defendant), but unfortunately obtaining the judgment is only the first step to achieving your objective. If you successfully obtain judgment, the...

Do I have a Lease, Licence or a Tenancy at Will?

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There are certain ways in which a tenant may occupy a property; either by lease, licence or a tenancy at will. But how do you tell the difference and why does it matter how the property is occupied? This article provides an overview on the key features and...

How do I forfeit a Commercial Lease?

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If a tenant is in breach of a commercial Lease and you no longer wish for the Lease to continue, one option that you have as a Landlord is to forfeit the Lease. This article provides you with an overview of how a Landlord can forfeit a commercial Lease....