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Hannah McGavin

What happens if you do not want to take up the role of executor?

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It is sometimes the case that the person named in a Will as the deceased’s executor is unable or unwilling to take on the role. The task of executor can be complex and time-consuming. It involves identifying and valuing all of the deceased’s...

Dealing with financial affairs after someone has died

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After someone dies, their executor or administrator will be responsible for finalising their financial affairs. This involves collecting all of their assets and belongings and either selling them or transferring them in accordance with their Will or,...

How quickly do I need to apply for probate after someone dies?

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After someone dies, their personal representative will generally need to apply for a Grant of Probate or, if they did not leave a Will , a Grant of Letters of Representation. This is the legal authority that will enable them to wind up the deceased’s...

One wrong digit and my inheritance was gone

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A recent article in The Guardian shows the dangers of giving the wrong account details when arranging bank transfers. The article reports that the client was in discussions with the solicitors dealing with his late father’s estate, regarding the...

Coronoavirus - do I have my affairs in order?

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Has the Coronavirus (Covid-19) made you stop and think ‘Do I have my affairs in order?’ With more and more cases of Covid-19 being diagnosed every day, the country is preparing to implement social distancing measures. This...

Why use a Solicitor to write your Will?

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Why use a Solicitor to write your Will One of the benefits of using a solicitor to write your Will is the level of protection and security that there is for the client. There are many unregulated options available to write a Will, including DIY Wills,...

Who will make the decisions if you can't?

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Who is going to make decisions for you when you can’t? The answer may surprise you…. If something was to happen to you and you couldn’t make decisions about your finances or personal wellbeing, your family or friends would be able to...