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Mark Ridley

What are your Rights as a Guarantor?

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Have you ever been asked to guarantee a loan so that your friend or someone in your family can borrow money? Or have you guaranteed a loan to help someone? It is not unusual for people to ask those close to them to do this and most will agree so that they...

Home Extensions and Conversions

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Home Extensions and Conversions – Avoiding the Nightmare Scenarios Moving house can be stressful, expensive, and difficult, particularly in a tough market. Home renovation projects offer an alternative and they seem to be as popular as...

Are you bordering on resolution?

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Land borders have a rich but unfortunately volatile history. We might be tempted to think that we live in relatively peaceful times, and that could well be true, however, few would deny that landlocked nations defined by lines drawn on a map have...

Who should you instruct for an Inheritance Dispute?

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Recently, in the case of Cowan v Foreman & Ors a widow has been refused permission to claim against the estate of her late husband after filing her application nearly 17 months out of time. This judgment made clear that the court would...

Buying property following negligent advice

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When faced with a professional who is proven to have given negligent advice, a court’s first objective will be to try and make an award which places the claimant in the position they would have been in, had the professional not been negligent. This...

Bridging the Gaps in Commercial Contracts

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A contract is an agreement which the law considers to be enforceable. It can be made up of express terms (terms that are stated orally or in writing) and terms which may never have been stated but can be deemed to be implied. A party to a contract may...

Zero Points for Hindsight: ending a contract the right way

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Choose your words carefully. That was the message from the High Court recently in the high-profile case of Phones 4u Ltd (In Administration) v EE Ltd . The court ruled that EE were not allowed to claim damages arising from alleged breaches of...

In the Line of Fire: Non-Party Costs Orders and Group Companies

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Have you considered liability for costs? Any person or company pursuing or defending a claim in litigation, must consider costs. Not just their own, but also the costs of their opponent. This is because courts can require...

Is mediation a mandatory requirement in civil legal proceedings?

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All business owners would agree that court trials can be expensive. The costs are inflicted not just on the parties in dispute, but also on the court system, which, being part of the public sector, does not have endless resources to indulge...