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Clients in Bordon, East Hampshire, are just over 8 miles from our offices in Farnham, a drive of less than 20 minutes.

Our solicitors provide first-rate legal services for individuals and businesses in Bordon and the surrounding area, with a reputation for quality, convenience and competitive pricing.

Our legal services for individuals in Bordon include:

Our legal services for business in Bordon include:

Coronavirus guidance for clients in Bordon and the surrounding area

In keeping with Government guidance, our office is open to clients with additional precautions in place. We require all clients to book an appointment in advance of attending our office and a face covering must be worn for the duration of your visit (unless medically exempt). For further details on the measures in place, please read our Covid-19 Visitor Guide.

Alternatively, we are able to conduct all business remotely if that is your preference. We are able to hold meetings and take new instructions via telephone or video conferencing. Additionally, we can undertake any necessary ID Verification and/or document signatures electronically so that, whatever legal services you need for yourself, your family or your business, there is no need for any face-to-face contact, and everything can be done from your home.

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Our Farnham office is close to Waggon Yard Car park, Central Car Park and Waverley South Street Car Park.


We aim to make our services accessible to all. If you have any needs or require any help in accessing our offices or our services, please contact us, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

How our lawyers near Bordon can help individuals

Family law advice near Bordon

Expert family law advice and representation is important if you are going through a divorce or separation or if you need help in putting an agreement in place as a relationship progresses. The right legal assistance can reduce conflict and ensure that the right arrangements are made for you and your family.

Our family law solicitors near Bordon offer help with a full spectrum of family issues, including division of assets, arrangements for children and pre-nuptial agreements.

Learn more about our family law services.

Residential property law near Bordon

The sale or purchase of a home is an important transaction, and we understand how important it is to move quickly on your behalf to ensure success. We will work proactively to ensure there are no avoidable delays and use our expertise to deal efficiently with any difficulties that may arise.

Our residential property solicitors near Bordon have an excellent reputation for completing property transactions effectively and providing a fast and helpful service.

Learn more about our residential property law services.

Wills, probate, trusts and powers of attorney advice near Bordon

We offer a complete Wills, trusts and estate planning service, as well as advice in respect of putting a lasting power of attorney in place. We can discuss with you the importance of the right legal documentation for your family and help structure your Will and estate in the most efficient way possible and so that your loved ones will be provided for in the future.

We also represent executors and administrators in respect of the complex matter of estate administration to ensure that they are not exposed to personal liability.

Our Wills, probate and estate planning solicitors near Bordon can help you with a full range of issues, including drafting a Will or lasting power of attorney, dealing with Court of Protection matters and winding up an estate after death.

Learn more about our Wills, powers of attorney, trusts and probate services.

Employment law advice for employees near Bordon

As an employee, you have the right not to be treated unfairly, harassed or bullied or discriminated against. If you believe that your treatment in your place of work has fallen below this standard, we can advise you of your rights and the options open to you for dealing with the matter.

Our employment law solicitors near Bordon have extensive experience and can represent you in respect of a range of issues, including disputes, employment contracts and settlement agreements.

Learn more about our employment law services for individuals.

Personal disputes resolution in Bordon

Legal disputes are generally stressful and can arise over a wide range of matters. It is generally recommended that you seek legal advice early on to try and resolve matters before the situation escalates.

Our dispute resolution lawyers near Bordon can step in on your behalf to find an acceptable solution without recourse to the courts wherever possible. We offer services across all types of disputes, including land and property disputes, inheritance claims and professional negligence matters.

Learn more about our personal dispute resolution services.

How our lawyers near Bordon can help businesses

Commercial property law near Bordon

Commercial property is known for being complex and onerous. Expert legal advice is generally considered essential to ensure your commercial property transaction is right for your situation and that the risks to you are minimised.

Our commercial property solicitors near Bordon offer a full range of advice, including in respect of commercial property purchases and sale, drafting of commercial leases, licences to occupy and property disputes.

Learn more about our commercial property law services.

Corporate and commercial law near Bordon

Sound legal advice from expert corporate and commercial lawyers can add value to your business as well as protecting it by ensuring you have a solid legal foundation. Robust contractual documentation and the correct corporate structure will reduce the likelihood of disputes arising and, if they do, make them easier to resolve.

Our corporate and commercial solicitors near Bordon deal with all company and business law issues, including drafting and negotiating contracts, sales of businesses, corporate governance and commercial dispute resolution.

Learn more about our corporate and commercial law services.

Employment and HR support for employers near Bordon

As an employer, you are likely to need sound legal advice in dealing with employees, both in respect of contracts, policies and employment handbooks and in the event that a dispute arises.

Our employment and HR lawyers near Bordon have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing legislation in this area and can advise you in respect of a range of issues, including settlement agreements, redundancies, grievance and disciplinary procedures and employment dispute resolution.

Learn more about our employment and HR support services for employers.

Intellectual property law near Bordon

Intellectual property is a valuable business asset, and it is important to avoid it being exploited or misused by identifying and protecting it. This is a complex area of law, and you should ensure that you are guided by a genuine expert in the sector.

Our intellectual property lawyers near Bordon have in-depth knowledge and understanding and can guide you in respect of issues such as trademarks, copyright, software licensing and intellectual property disputes.

Learn more about our intellectual property law services.

Commercial dispute resolution near Bordon

Commercial disputes can be crippling to a business if they are allowed to spiral. They can be costly to a business in terms of its reputation, time and money. The right legal intervention can often mean that a dispute is dealt with effectively and an amicable resolution is found without the need for court hearings.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors in Bordon have an excellent track record of success in resolving disputes quickly and effectively. Where a resolution cannot be found, they will prepare a strong case on your behalf and ensure that you have expert representation in court.

Learn more about our commercial dispute resolution services.

Legal resources for Bordon, East Hampshire

Citizens Advice East Hampshire – Whitehill and Bordon

Citizens Advice offer services to Bordon residents via pre-booked appointments. They are open to see clients from 9.30am until 4pm on Monday to Wednesday and on Friday. Their telephone line is available from 9am until 5pm from Monday to Friday inclusive.

For more details, see Citizens Advice East Hampshire - Whitehill & Bordon.

Basingstoke County Court and Family Court

Basingstoke County Court and Family Court deal with family issues and disputes. They are situated 20 miles from Borden, a journey by car of 36 minutes. For more information about the court, see Basingstoke County Court and Family Court.

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