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Court of Protection

Looking after a loved one can be extremely difficult, both emotionally and practically. If someone close to you is unable to manage their own welfare and finances, you may need legal assistance to obtain the permission to act on that persons behalf.

If you find yourself in this delicate and sometimes complex situation, our Court of Protection solicitors can assist you in making an application for deputyship. We can also offer general legal advice about managing a loved one’s welfare and finance matters.

At Baker Law we have supported many individuals within families experiencing both simple and complex Court of Protection matters. We understand supporting a loved one who lacks mental capacity can be stressful and often seem complicated. We will ensure that your situation is handled with the upmost care.

Our expertise covers a number of different areas, including:

  • Court of Protection deputyship, including support to make a deputyship application
  • Professional deputyships, (our solicitors can act for individuals who do not have an appropriate family member or friend to serve as their deputy)
  • Court of Protection disputes
  • Legal support and advice for deputies
  • Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (where a person still has mental capacity)

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How we can help with the Court of Protection

Court of protection deputyship

When an individual lacks mental capacity and is therefore unable to make their own financial and welfare decisions, their loved ones have the option to make a deputyship application.

If the Court approves a deputyship application, the applicant is then legally appointed as a Deputy. The role of a Court of Protection Deputy is to act on behalf of a loved one who does not have capacity, to make important decisions for them.

There are two different types of deputy, one type covers property and finances, and another covers health and welfare. Where a person needs support with both of these areas, a person may be appointed to act as both a property and finances deputy and a health and welfare deputy.

At Baker Law, our Court of Protection solicitors can support you throughout the application process, helping you to obtain a Court of Protection order and offering advice on your legal obligations if appointed.

Professional deputyships

Under some circumstances, a person may not have an appropriate family member or friend to act as their deputy. While family members may want to offer support, they may feel uneasy about taking on the responsibility of another person’s finances and health.

Where there is not a suitable person to act as deputy, our solicitors at Baker Law are able to act as a professional deputy. For more information about professional deputyships, please get in touch with Baker Law.

Court of Protection disputes

Making decisions on behalf of a loved one who does not have capacity  is a delicate process, and it’s not uncommon for disputes to arise between family members. If you are experiencing a Court of Protection dispute our solicitors can offer support, helping you to resolve matters as amicably as possible.

We can offer assistance with various Court of Protection dispute areas, including:

  • Disputes about whether the donor lacks mental capacity or not;
  • Where family members are concerned about how the Deputy is handling the donor’s affairs
  • If it is believed that the Deputy is misusing the donor’s money

Lasting Power of Attorney

If your loved one still has capacity, but would like to prepare for a time in the future where they may need support, our solicitors can assist you and your loved one to create a Lasting Power of Attorney.

For more information, get in touch with our Lasting Power of Attorney solicitors at Baker Law.

Legal assistance for deputies

If you are already acting as a Deputy, and you need legal advice and support with your role, our specialist solicitors can help you.

We appreciate that it can be difficult to manage the welfare and finances of another person and we are able to offer expert assistance to ease the stress of the process. 

 Our solicitors can help deputies with various duties, including:

  • Completing and filing the necessary tax returns
  • Making key decisions about finances and healthcare
  • Making an application for a Statutory Will

Our Court of Protection Solicitor fees

At Baker Law, we know that our clients need a clear price structure from the beginning, allowing them to plan accordingly, and giving them an understanding of what to expect.

Our Court of Protection fees can vary depending on the level and type of support you need. To discuss your fees in relation to your case, get in touch with our specialist solicitors today.

Fixed fee Court of Protection services

In some scenarios we may be able to act on a fixed fee basis, for instance, support with deputyship applications. Our fixed fee structures provide certainty concerning the expenses involved.

Hourly rates for our Court of Protection lawyers

The time that our Court of Protection Solicitor’s spend on a matter is charged on an hourly rate. The  time that will need to spent on a particular matter will depend on the nature of your case. To discuss fees or obtain an initial fee estimate, please do not hesitate to contact BakerLaw to have these early discussions to help keep your costs to a minimum.

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