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Covid-19 What Measures are Bakerlaw Taking

Covid-19 What Measures are Bakerlaw Taking


Covid-19 – What Measures are BakerLaw Taking?
We are open for business.

In keeping with government advice, we have made arrangements to conduct virtually all business remotely. This means we now hold meetings and take new instructions via telephone or videoconferencing. We also now undertake ID Verification and/or document signatures electronically so that, whatever legal services you need for yourself, your family or your business, there is no need for any face-to-face contact and virtually everything can be done from your home. Please contact us for details.

Should you either prefer to, or need to come into the office in person, please check our COVID-19 Visitor Guide.
With the situation changing daily, BakerLaw is making preparations for every event and we are keeping a close eye on government recommendations whilst making sure this means minimal disruption to our clients and staff. We are following the guidance issued by Public Health England, which can be found using the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/coronavirus-covid-19-list-of-guidance.
As at the 23 March the government guidance is to stay at home at all times excluding for food, health reasons, or essential work. We have aligned the way we operate to comply with these guidelines whilst making every effort to operate as normal.  As a firm we are adopting a “working from home” policy enabling the firm to provide its usual services but with the vast majority of our staff working remotely. Client and staff health and safety is our number one priority whilst maintaining our client services.
Working from home is not an unfamiliar scenario for our staff with fee earners and most support staff already having the capability to do so. Staff can connect to the BakerLaw network securely and remotely and this will therefore minimise where possible, any disruption to our clients.
Where we might normally consider meeting in person, in the current circumstances, we can suggest alternative arrangements. We have set up video conferencing so that all our lawyers can carry out meetings using the app Microsoft Teams. Should any of our clients need a face to face meeting with a BakerLaw staff member, they can simply download the Microsoft Teams app on to a smart phone, PC or laptop and join the meeting using the link which a member of staff can email to their client. We are also happy to take new client instructions via video conferencing. We, of course, are also happy to conduct meetings and take enquiries by telephone. All of our fee earners have been set up to receive their work calls remotely.
In line with the government's guidelines, BakerLaw have currently ceased all non-essential staff travel.


If you have more specific enquiries relating to your own matter or how to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on you or your business, please speak to one of our Partners or Heads of Department.


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