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Restructuring and Exit

Restructuring and Exit

Corporate restructuring can be a useful tool for reorganising and maximising the efficiency of an existing business.

There are a number of situations in which considering a new corporate structure is appropriate. A family-owned business may have grown to such an extent that its existing structure is now too inflexible for the needs of its owners. After a merger or demerger, the pre-existing structure of a company may be unsuitable for the new business’. A majority shareholder may wish to leave the company, and the structure of the company may be required to change around this.

BakerLaw’s experienced corporate team has a detailed understanding of the needs of a range of different businesses in different sectors, and is therefore well placed to advise business owners on the most appropriate corporate restructuring strategy for them.



Corporate Transaction Series (5/5): Post-Completion

Danielle Collett-Bruce
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Completion will be a significant milestone in any transaction, however it is important to bear in mind that there will still be much to do in order to best ensure that the deal will be a success. Arguably, much of the hard work will have been done, however...

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