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Online Will - £225 incl. VAT (per person)

Our Online Will service is a simple solution for someone looking to prepare a straightforward Will, without the cost and time commitments of the traditional Will drafting process.

With an Online Will you will be in control, using our online tool to complete your details, provide your Will instructions, make any changes to your draft Will, and submit it to us for checking and confirmation. You will then be able to print your finished Will to sign at home, using our Will Signing Instructions as your guide. Our online service is easy to use, and your details can be submitted at any time – whenever is convenient for you.

The process will also involve a virtual ID check (which you can carry out at home using a smartphone or tablet), and a video call with us to confirm your instructions.

A BakerLaw Online Will might suit you if:

  • You have a busy schedule, and cannot fit a visit to a law firm into your day;
  • You have a non-complex estate and family situation;
  • You do not want, or do not feel you need specific legal advice on your circumstances or options when it comes to making a Will;
  • You want to save time and money when preparing your Will, but would still like to ensure that the contents are valid and effective;
  • You want your Will stored safely so that you know it will not be lost or damaged over the years.

Please read through the below list of requirements to ensure you understand what will be needed to use our Online Will service, and then complete your registration details to start the process of preparing your Will now.

Online Will requirements:

  • The total net value of your personal assets will be worth less than the IHT threshold of £325,000 - this means the value of all your assets, minus the value of all your liabilities (such as a mortgage) is £325,000 or less
  • You are able to communicate directly via phone, email and video call - this means you must have your own email address for us to contact you on
  • You are not blind or partially sighted
  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are domiciled in England & Wales
  • Your property and assets are within England & Wales only
  • You are able to read and write in English and can sign your own name
  • You understand the purpose of making a Will and the assets in your estate
  • You have considered your obligations to your family and the people who depend on you financially, when deciding the distributions under your Will
  • You are making your Will out of your own choice and are not under pressure from someone to make it, nor are you being influenced by another person in answering questions regarding your Will
  • You are not suffering from any illness or taking medication for any medical condition which may impair your decision-making ability
  • You have access to a smart phone, or tablet able to receive an SMS (text) message
  • You have access to a device on which you can hold a video call

If you do not meet all the above criteria, our Online Bespoke Advised Will service may be more appropriate for your situation. If you not sure, please email us at and we will advise which Online Wills service will be the best fit for you.


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