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Website and App Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies and Use Policies

Website and App Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies and Use Policies

Your website will most likely be the most valuable marketing tool that your business has, and it is therefore important that a bespoke set of policies are implemented which reflect the use intended by the business and make it clear to users what implications may follow from their actions while using your website.

A full suite of website documents would include: terms and conditions; terms of use; privacy policy; and a cookie policy. It is rather worrying how easy it is to find businesses whose websites or apps either have none of the above implemented, or who are using documents designed for use in a completely different industry. A lack of attention given to these documents can result in regulatory non-compliance and expose a business in breach to a fine.

At BakerLaw we have a raft of experience in drafting commercially focussed policies whilst ensuring your business rights and intellectual property are protected.

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