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Challenging or Defending a Will

Challenging or Defending a Will

The validity of a will can be challenged on a number of legal grounds, including: -

  1. A failure of proper execution
  2. Insufficient mental capacity
  3. Lack of understanding and approval
  4. Coercion by a third party
  5. Fraud and forgery

If a challenge is successful, the will is set aside, and treated as if it never existed.  Therefore, will challenges can have a considerable impact on the way an estate is divided, with those involved standing to lose or gain a great deal.

At BakerLaw, we have strong expertise in this area of law.   Our specialist lawyers successfully challenge and defend wills for clients including high net worth individuals with valuable business and property interests.  We aim to resolve disputes without the expense and strain of court proceedings, but if they are necessary, you will receive strong representation.

BakerLaw also offers a range of options to fund legal costs, which may include ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements.

Above all, your lawyer will work closely with you, one-on-one, to the resolution of your case, to ensure that you receive a personalised service.

For more information we invite you to call Mark Ridley on 01252 733 770 to discuss your case in confidence.



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