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Building Disputes Solicitors in Farnham

When a building project is not carried out on time or costs have started to spiral, it is important to remember that even where there is no formal contract, you are protected by law.

Getting our team involved at an early stage of a building dispute can dramatically reduce the long-term consequences of construction work you are unhappy with, saving you time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration

At BakerLaw Solicitors, we understand the disruption caused to households and businesses when building works go wrong and can help you work towards a positive outcome as quickly as possible while keeping costs to a minimum. We can assist with getting substandard work put right, securing appropriate compensation and recovering any money you are owed.

Our building disputes solicitors in Farnham and London have particular expertise supporting small and medium-sized businesses together with individuals. We will make sure your priorities are clear from the outset and that our legal solutions always match your specific requirements.

If you have entered a Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) agreement or any other type of building contract, our team's detailed knowledge of how the courts interpret these documents in practice means we have the confidence to comprehensively protect your position — whatever the nature of the dispute.

Even if you have not signed a written contract with your builder, our practical experience means we can ensure that you are properly protected under general contract law. Where possible, we will encourage an early resolution of your dispute through negotiation.

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Our expertise with different types of building disputes

Our work includes the following:

Complaints about builders — Including claims of poor workmanship, overcharging and failure by builders to complete a project on time. We work closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of their claim are incorporated in any settlement. This may include claiming for the cost of remedial works, refunds and trading losses.

Professional negligence claims – Including claims against architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. Where you believe a construction professional has cost you money as a result of being negligent in the service they have provided, we can help you take action to mitigate your losses.

Debt recovery – Including for unpaid invoices and monies paid for work that has not been completed in accordance with the terms of a construction contract. We can assist with options including informal and formal debt recovery proceedings, as well as enforcement action where a court has ruled that a debt must be repaid.

How we can help you get the right outcome for your building dispute

Letter before action

Building and construction disputes can often be resolved quickly and cost-effectively with a well-drafted solicitor’s letter setting out your legal position, the outcome you wish to see and the legal steps you are willing to take if a satisfactory resolution cannot be agreed.

Building dispute mediation

Mediation is a form of structured negotiation. Where we think it is in your interests, we will proactively encourage you and your builder or contractor to enter into mediation. The procedure is both informal and cost-effective, and parties to mediation can walk away at any time.

We will always ensure that any agreement you enter into protects you and is legally watertight, ensuring your best interests are protected at all times.


When building disagreements drag on, the cause of the initial complaint often becomes secondary to the ongoing costs and disruption associated with the dispute. Arbitration is an alternative method of resolving building disputes that allows both parties to present their cases to an independent arbitration expert who will decide on a fair settlement.

Our wealth of experience in this field means we are alert to those cases that may be suitable for arbitration and can advise you accordingly. Arbitration is typically much faster and less costly than court proceedings, while giving you a definitive resolution for your dispute.

Taking your dispute to court

In the event that you are unable to secure the result you need through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, we can advise you on whether court proceedings may be appropriate. We will give an honest option on your likelihood of success and the potential costs involved, so you can make an informed decision about taking further action.

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If you are involved in a dispute with a builder or you think a disagreement may arise, our dispute resolution solicitors can let you know where you stand with clear and practical advice.

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