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Family Mediation Solicitors in Farnham

It can be an emotional time when conflict arises within a family. The choices we make can affect everyone involved, so it is important to think about the options carefully and take positive steps going forward.

Family mediation is a way for family members to find peaceful resolution in the event of conflict. The aim is to reach an agreement through dialogue and mutual understanding — forgoing the need for Court intervention. Family Mediation has the potential to bring about the best possible outcome for both parties.

At Baker Law, our Family team have a wealth of experience advising alongside mediation. We can refer you to a fully qualified and trained Mediator who will guide you through each step of the process and BakerLaw can advise you throughout this process, so that you know you have reached the best agreement possible. Whether by phone, email, video conference a mediator will be able to conduct the mediation. We are here to offer compassion and professional support.

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Our Family law solicitors in Farnham are available to assist by telephone, email, video conferencing, or in-person at our offices. To arrange an appointment, call us on 01252 733770. You can also email us at — or simply use the online ‘Ask Us A Question’ form and we will be in touch.

What does Family Mediation involve?

Family mediation is a process in which family members try to resolve conflicts through constructive conversation and amicable agreement. The goal is to reach agreements that satisfy all parties involved. This may prevent or minimise the need for formal court proceedings. A Mediator is a trained family mediator who facilitates the process, remaining impartial and ensuring a balanced approach to discussions.

Mediation is based on voluntary participation. As such, family members only participate willingly and either party can choose to withdraw at any point.

Our Family Team has experience across a number of matters which involve mediation being explored, such as:

  • Child Custody/Residence and Visitation: Mediation can assist in determining where children will live and the time they spend with each parent, siblings, and extended family.
  • Financial Arrangements: Mediation solicitors can help you address financial matters related to separation, including division of assets and responsibilities, both for unmarried mediation and married couples.
  • Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements: Parties living together or planning to do so can use mediation to establish future financial obligations and commitments to each other.
  • Estate and Inheritance Disputes: Mediation can be beneficial in resolving conflicts arising from the distribution of assets and inheritance following the death of a loved one.
  • Parenting Plans: Mediation can aid in creating plans for parenting and child-rearing, addressing issues such as education, healthcare, and decision-making.
  • Marriage Mediation: Mediation can provide a platform to discuss concerns, improve communication, and work towards mutual solutions
  • Family Business Matters: Addressing conflicts related to family businesses, such as ownership shares, management, and succession.
  • Relocation Issues: When one parent wishes to relocate with the children, mediation can help negotiate the terms and potential adjustments to custody and visitation.
  • Division of Personal Property: Determining the fair division of personal possessions.

If all parties are able to reach an agreement, the Mediator will assist in creating a written document known as a Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the agreement reached. This acts as a guide for future actions and decisions. However, a Memorandum of Understanding document is not itself legally binding. Rather, it forms the basis for further legal agreements or arrangements. This document is then used by solicitors, to prepare the formal agreement and/or order needed.  The parties may then jointly apply to Court for arrangements to be formalised. For example, with a Minute of Consent Order or Child Arrangement Orders.

Do I need legal advice for mediation?

Seeking legal advice is not mandatory, but it is important to consult with legal professionals before and during the mediation process. Baker Law’s team of solicitors can help you understand your rights, offer insights into potential legal outcomes, and ensure that any agreements reached during mediation align with your best interests. Having legal guidance can contribute to a smoother and more informed mediation experience.

How long can family mediation take?

At Baker Law, we work to ensure Mediation goes forward as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Timeframes for family mediation differ from case to case. The duration is influenced by factors such as the complexity of the matters being discussed and the readiness of all involved parties to cooperate and find common ground.

In simpler situations, where there might be agreement on certain issues, mediation could be successfully concluded in just a few sessions, potentially spanning a few weeks. On the other hand, more complex cases, such as those involving multiple contentious matters or deep-rooted disagreements, might require an extended period of mediation. This could involve several weeks of discussions and negotiations, as the mediators work to guide the parties towards mutually acceptable solutions.

Is Family Mediation always successful?

While Family Mediation can be successful in many cases, the outcome may depend on the willingness of parties to collaborate and find common ground. In the event that it is not possible to settle a dispute through Mediation, Baker Law is able to then help by entering in to negotiation but we can also provide representation should it be necessary to involves the court.  

How do I prepare for family mediation?

Preparation plays a key role in making family mediation effective and helping you achieve meaningful resolutions. It is important to stay composed and respectful during conversations to help facilitate productive communication and hopefully compromise. Prior to your meeting, you may wish to:

  • Define Goals: Consider your desired outcomes, like a feasible visitation schedule or fair distribution of assets.
  • Gather Information: Collect details about the issues you want to discuss, such as child custody arrangements, financial matters, or property division.
  • Keep an Open Mind: Approach mediation with an open and flexible attitude, ready to listen and collaborate.
  • List Concerns: Write down your concerns and priorities, such as ensuring your child's well-being or securing financial stability.
  • Think of Solutions: Reflect on potential solutions to propose during the mediation, like suggesting alternative visitation times or proposing a fair division of assets.
  • Supportive Materials: Bring any documents or evidence that could help clarify your points, such as school schedules or financial statements.
  • Be Ready to Compromise: Understand that compromise might be necessary to reach an agreement that benefits everyone.

Why choose Baker Law Family Mediation Solicitors?

At Baker Law, we are committed to exceptional service. Our family mediation solicitors boast a breadth of experience and expertise — exemplified by our professional accreditations. We are skilled advocates, ready to stand by your side from the outset. We value a personalised approach, understanding that each family's situation is distinct.

Much of our business comes from returning clients and referrals, a testament to our quality of service and client satisfaction. We have considerable experience in representing clients in complex scenarios. As an example, we act for many military personnel in divorce and separation cases. We are familiar with the unique factors regarding specific childcare arrangements that must be taken into account when one party to a marriage is serving overseas.

Our local Family Mediation solicitors in Surrey are easy to contact and always available to address your concerns. We ensure our clients remain well-informed throughout the process, delivering Family Mediation services with a commitment to exceptional care. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

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