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Maintenance Payments

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Maintenance Payments

The following (or all) of the maintenance payments below may be payable:-

  • Maintenance for children
  • Court "Top Up"
  • Maintenance for spouses

Maintenance for children

The Child Maintenance Service (CMS, formerly Child Support Agency) offers guidelines on the amount of maintenance payable by an absent parent. The amount payable is subject to variation depending on the number of children you have, the income of the absent parent and how often the children stay with the absent parent.

To calculate maintenance due you can follow an online assessment by visiting the Government's website at:

Many parents may find that the maintenance calculation is not an adequate sum that enables them to cover all of the expenses for their children. BakerLaw family lawyers are able to assess your case and assist you in obtaining a "top up" to your maintenance payments by agreement or, if necessary, by a court order.

Maintenance for spouses

Depending on your individual circumstances and regardless as to whether or not you have children, if your income is not sufficient to cover your outgoings, BakerLaw family lawyers may be able to assist you with obtaining maintenance:-

  •  For an interim measure until your divorce is concluded
  • To pay your legal fees
  • For a defined period after your divorce

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