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Finances on Divorce Solicitors in Farnham

When it comes to the division of finances and, in particular, property, it is important that both parties receive independent legal advice.

Pensions and finances upon divorce are a complex area of law, and there is not a straightforward answer to what or how much you are entitled to.

At BakerLaw, our family lawyers are highly skilled in this area and have extensive experience in high value asset disputes involving multiple properties, large pensions, sizeable investments and businesses.

During the course of your marriage, you and your partner acquire financial claims against each other, to include:

  • Spousal maintenance (income payments)
  • Adjustment of property ownership (transfer of a house, transfer of tenancy)
  • Lump sum (capital payment)
  • Pension provision (adjustment of pension funds)

Before our family lawyers can advise you regarding a suitable financial settlement, both parties will need to provide full financial disclosure of all their assets, liabilities, income and outgoings.  

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Our expertise with finance on divorce

Spousal maintenance (income payments)

Spousal maintenance is used in the event that one of the parties does not have enough funds to support their daily needs. This may be the case if the party in question has a significantly lower income than their ex-spouse or if they did not work throughout the marriage.

At BakerLaw, our team can help you to ensure that the spousal maintenance being paid is fair. This can allow you to both protect your assets and financial interests and make sure that you are not struggling financially.

For example, if you did not work during your marriage, it may take you a little time to get back on your feet after a divorce. Spousal maintenance can help ensure that your needs are being met during this period.

Our solicitors can help you at each turn, providing advice, answering any questions you may have and working to secure your financial future.

Adjustment of property ownership (transfer of a house, transfer of tenancy)

After a divorce, handling property owned by both parties can be challenging. The matter may be straightforward or extremely complex, but either way, having an experienced solicitor on hand can help to ensure you are not missing out.

At BakerLaw, we support you every step of the way. From removing a name from the property title, completing the registration process, advice regarding fees, and paying any necessary tax.

Our team can also provide advice regarding all the legal aspects of adjusting property. We can support you through both straightforward and more complex aspects of property ownership so that this matter does not cause further stress during this difficult time.

Lump sum (capital payment)

Alongside the many other legal aspects of a divorce, it’s important to consider negotiating a lump sum (or capital payment). This is a sum of money that a single party must pay to the other. Generally, this money is used to support children or an ex-spouse who has a lower income.

The lump sum can have a massive impact on the life of an individual after a divorce and can be exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Because of this, it’s important to seek legal aid.

Our divorce finances solicitors can help you claim what you deserve and reach amicable agreements without further damaging your relationship.

Pension provision (adjustment of pension funds)

During a divorce, you could be entitled to a share of your spouse’s pension, and in turn, they may be entitled to a piece of yours. A pension is one of the most important investments you will ever make, so ensuring that it is protected throughout your divorce is essential.

At BakerLaw, we have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your rights and benefits are protected. Our solicitors can help to answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as support you in the event of a pension sharing order.

Additionally, the support of our expert solicitors can help you to negotiate a financial settlement with your ex-spouse. The assistance of a solicitor in this matter can help make the negotiations more amicable and reduce the amount of strain you may experience.

Finances on divorce explained

Do I have to go to court?

If matters are resolved amicably, there will be no reason to go to court. However, if a financial agreement cannot be achieved, we will advise you fully on the court procedure.

Due to the experience and dedication of our family lawyers, the majority of the cases we deal with usually settle either without court proceedings or early on in the proceedings. Court proceedings are generally seen as a last resort.

We've agreed the finances ourselves, do we need a family lawyer?

If you have discussed finances with your ex-partner and reached an agreement, then you may think that you do not need a lawyer and that there is nothing else to be done. However, we would strongly recommend that you take legal advice.

Do we need to start divorce proceedings before sorting out our finances?

If you have separated from your partner but do not intend to start divorce proceedings straight away and are able to reach an agreement with your partner regarding financial matters, you could enter into a Separation Agreement. Our family lawyers are experienced in dealing with separation agreements.

Our divorce financial advice fees

The value of good legal advice when dealing with division of finances should never be overlooked. Our prices reflect the value we can add for our clients and are benchmarked against other equivalent firms to ensure we provide a competitive service.

Fixed fees may be available for straightforward matters, or it may be more appropriate to charge according to an agreed hourly rate, depending on your needs. All fees and other costs will be clearly explained in your initial consultation with our team, so you will know exactly what to expect.

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