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Pay Disputes

Pay Disputes

If your employer has failed to pay you, or there is a dispute regarding your entitlements we can review any contractual terms and advise you on your entitlements or your options for pursuing recovery of those sums. We can advise on whether deductions are lawful and whether your employer may be liable.

We appreciate that not being paid what you are owed can be stressful but you should act quickly in seeking advice.

If you would like a confidential chat to see how we can help, please contact us.


Are you ready for the GDPR?

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Data protection and cybersecurity are subjects that are making ever more frequent appearances in news headlines. With the deadline for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation being set at 25 th  May 2018 and the Government confirming...

Was decision to dismiss employee related to her pregnancy?

Emily Yeardley
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Where an employer decides to dismiss an employee without knowledge of the employee’s pregnancy but it discovers, prior to dismissal, that she is pregnant, a tribunal may be asked to consider whether the dismissal was related to the employee’s...