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Performance Management/Capability

Performance Management/Capability

How can we manage performance?

If an employee is not performing to the standard you require or expect this can have a ‘knock on’ effect on the business and their colleagues. It can cause resentment and bad feeling. It is important to make sure that employees know what is expected and how they can achieve those standards. Managing performance is central to the relationship between managers and employees. Having clearly defined targets or goals will help to keep employees engaged and productive.

When things go wrong there are procedures which can be followed to support the employee and to allow them an opportunity to improve. We can advise you on the process to follow and the steps that you, as an employer, should take if an employee is underperforming. We can advise you on the law relating to capability, the options available to the business and any risks.

If you would like to discuss any performance issues or the process, please contact us.

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