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Termination of Employment Solicitors for Employers in Farnham

Employment can come to an end for a variety of reasons. Whether your employees leave as a result of a dispute or they have simply decided it's time to move on, we can advise you on resolving or dealing with any dispute or protecting the business through the implementation or enforcement of any post-termination restrictions applicable to the employee.

Handling dismissals poorly can result in time-consuming and expensive litigation.

We discuss your commercial objectives in order to produce the best strategy to help you reach your desired outcome swiftly and cost effectively with minimum risk and disruption to the business. We can advise you on the steps open to you and help you to decide on the terms of any exit package. We can advise on obligations in respect of notice, holiday pay and other employee entitlements.

Advising on termination of employment will often involve advice on how to carry out effective procedures such as: disciplinary, performance management or redundancy processes, but sometimes these are best achieved by having a protected or ‘without prejudice’ conversation to see if mutual terms can be agreed. This normally requires the employee entering into a Settlement Agreement to record the terms and to give you, as the employer, peace of mind. The best approach to take will always be tailored to your specific circumstances.

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