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What is a redundancy?

Redundancies are a form of dismissal which can take place when the requirement for an employee’s job no longer exists, or there is a workplace or office closure.  

Should I follow a process?

The law dictates that employers should follow a process when dealing with redundancies. If an employer fails to follow a fair process the dismissal may be unfair. Employers can make compulsory redundancies or ask if there are any volunteers for redundancy.

If you wish to reorganise the business, perhaps due to technological or other changes, we can advise you on your employee’s rights and your responsibilities when dealing with a reorganisation or restructure.

We can explain the process and steps that employers should follow, calculate employees’ statutory or enhanced redundancy entitlements and deal with any agreement which you require your employees to sign setting out the terms agreed.

We can also advise on the interplay between redundancy and any restrictions in the employees’ Contracts of Employment restricting their activities post-termination.


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